sâmbătă, 28 noiembrie 2009

Mutual sharing

I would transmit them to look more clearly at that beside them, to try to understand the role and the way of all things around them because like time, nature doesn’t stay on the same place, every day it is important for nature, every day passes away and leaves a big foot on the face of nature like that of Big Foot. Nature is like a train which passes very fast in our station which is our daily life and we should know how to make it to stop in our rail station and just go with it in future together. I would ask them to look behind them and not always in front running after dreams, careers and business because if I will be not in the same stage like I am now, they will not have where to make so many plans. A safe environment means a safe and security medium to live, to grow up, to develop. Security means a sure medium to develop. In the same time I think that this is mainly the normally course and humans should think how to help me, not how to broke me down. I am sure if they will be more responsible with their life and future, if they will make more online and offline campaigns about social responsibility and about consequences, if they will involve more actively in ecological campaigns and will help animals to live in a security place, they will have only to win not to lose. I think that will exist in every city, in the cosmopolitan area materials for social responsibility campaigns people will not forget about me! And they will win for long time, not on short term. They should have an entrepreneurial thinking and think on long term activities and consequences, to invest in their future and of their children like they do in their own businesses. The earth it is also a common business so make me grow up along you, give me a hand to go up from that big water where I am now and we will have all something to win.

I would tell them to be more patient with me, to be me the same with them and to be with them in the same period of development. My resources are limited by time, they are limited by time, so we should all have a bivalent patient. If one day just for one day all people from the world will have a common hour to collect the garbage from their communities and will repeat that every day for one hour, I will be very clean and I will be able to concentrate only on my resources not also on how to fight and protect them by pollution. I have every day a double battle: to give more from my resources, to protect them and to replace them. If we don’t help ones each other, I will not be able to help them just by my self. Between us should exist always a mutual respect and understanding: I help them but they help me, too. The best way it is the renewable energy to protect me for a long time and to recycle what I give to them. We can share one each other resources and put them back or re- use them. If I, I will be you, I will be glad to have what to share together and how to share. I will be glad to say: hey, we have something in common and we should fight for that. I will be glad to say: we can do that in common and we will make it and we will be winners and winners know how to play and how to win without loosing more resources, without loosing time and patient. We can build or rebuilt something step by step, looking behind and keep construct, we can because we believe in our future, in our powers and because we can create the world as we want not let it to be destroyed just looking at it careless. We can learn together like a long term civic lesson and we will put in practice in our every day life everything we learn in common to ware it in public life like in private life with the environment and return. We can return to past but also we can turn to future and change what we can change now, involving in our environmental problems and being active in our community.

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